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The Waiting City

An Australian couple journey to Calcutta to collect their adopted baby, but arrive to find that arrangements have not been finalized. The vulnerability of their marriage reveals itself as the city’s atmosphere begins to exert it’s influnce over them. (NFSA,

My Tehran For Sale

Marzieh is a young female actress living in Tehran whose theatre work is banned by the authorities. At an underground rave, she meets Iranian born Saman, now an Australian citizen, who offers her a way out of her country and the possibility of living without fear. (NFSA,

Mao's Last Dancer

The inspirational true story of a young boy’s extraordinary journey from poverty to international stardom. From gruelling apprenticeship to classical dancer in communist China, to the glory of creative freedom in America. But, there is a painful price to be paid for his quest for self-expression. Mao’s Last Dancer captures the intoxicating effects of first love and celebrity, the pain of exile, and ultimately the triumph of individual endeavour over ideology. “Before you can fly, you have to be free”. (Mao’s Last Dancer Press Kit)


As Indonesia prepares to invade the tiny nation of East Timor, five Australian-based journalists go missing. Four weeks later, veteran foreign correspondent Roger East is lured to East Timor by the young and charismatic Jose Ramos-Horta to tell the story of his country and investigate the fate of the missing men. Balibo is a political thriller that tells the true story of crimes that have been covered up for over thirty years. (Balibo Press Kit)

Beast Of Bataan

Philippines, 1945. After four long years at war, Major John Skeen is about to ship home when he receives his final assignment. At a military tribunal created by General Douglas MacArthur, he will head the defense team representing Lieutenant General Masaharu Homma, the notorious ‘Beast of Bataan’ and presumed architect of the Bataan Death March. (Internet Movie Database

The Home Song Stories

The story of Rose, a glamorous Shanghai nightclub singer, and her struggle to survive in Australia with her two young children. An epic tale of mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, unrequited love, betrayal and hidden secrets that spans continents and decades. (NFSA,

Lucky Miles

An Indonesian fishing boat abandons a group of Iraqi and Cambodian men on a remote part of the Western Australian coast. Told there is a bus over the dunes, the men are abandoned to a desert the size of Poland. While most are quickly rounded up, three men with little in common but their history of misfortune elude capture and begin an epic but confused journey drawn on by their hopes amplified by the empty desert. (Internet Movie Database


Based on a true story about an untrained unit of militiamen on the Kokoda track who are cut off from supply and all communications. Overwhelmed by illness and fatigue, they must make their way through unforgiving terrain, only to have to return immediately to battle. The film explores such values as mateship, courage, endurance and sacrifice. (NFSA,

Footy Legends

Set in the western suburbs of Sydney, Footy Legends tells the story of a young Vietnamese-Australian man with an obsession about football. Out of work and with welfare authorities threatening to take away Luc Vu’s sister, he reunites his old high school football team to win a competition that could change all their lives. (NFSA,


A student, of whom we see no defining details, commits suicide at the beginning of the film. From this point we go back to the beginning of the day and are introduced to six principal characters all dealing with their own personal problems (NFSA,