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Man Without Pigs

The film details the experience of John Waiko the first Papua New Guinean to reach the status of Professor. After receiving his doctorate from the Australian National University he travelled back to his village; Tobara, on the Gira River to celebrate the achievement with his own people. His academic supervisor at A.N.U. Hank Nelson was invited along as a guest of honour. This program captures the exotic spectacle, and at the same time the intense and subtle dynamics of village life in a conflict between traditional custom and Western value. (NFSA,


A rare feature film made in Papua New Guinea – A university dropout returns to his native village in Buka Passage, North Solomons. The young man is beset by conflict with his family over whom he should marry and resorts to excessive drinking to escape his problems. (Ronin Films,

A Good Man

The story of Australian farmer Chris Rohrlach, his quadriplegic wife Rachel, their new-born baby and Chris’s attempt to open the first legal brothel in a small country town. (Australian Screen,


Strong-willed but naive Australian teenager Helena McCarthy, nose-dives into volunteer work in Calcutta, India, one of the poorest cities on earth. (Ronin Films,

One Place

An inspiring film about a unique Islamic Cultural Centre: a place of worship and of study, a library and a centre of learning, it is also a building where families gather, an integral part of a community that speaks more than thirty languages, comes from more than forty countries and shares a single faith. As our newspapers report, this assertion of a single faith is rare… (Ronin Films,

Hope In A Slingshot

Australian filmmaker Inka Stafrace courageously journeys through Israeli military incursions in the West Bank to discover for herself some of the human truths behind this devastating issue that holds the world in divide. (Ronin website) 61 mins

Goodbye Revolution

Shen Jiawei, one of Australia's foremost painters, was born in Shanghai a year before the Chinese Communist Party came to power in 1949. Forty years later, Shen moved to Australia, at the time of both the Tiananmen Square uprising and the birth of his daughter, Sydney.

Gandhi's Children

A shelter for children on the outskirts of New Delhi provides food and accommodation for 350 boys. Some are orphans, others have been abandoned, still others have run away from home. About half are held under a court order, having been picked up from the streets for petty crimes. Living at the institution for several months, the filmmaker explores its routines and the varied experiences of several boys. Despite the harshness of their lives, many show remarkable strength of character, knowledge, and resilience.

Fat Chance

Reality-tv style doco about director’s attempts to lose weight. RL

Wedding Sari Showdown (part Ii)

The Wedding Sari Showdown follows 2 young lovers, Ramona and Anu, as they struggle to maintain their relationship and their independence against the every-increasing pressure of family obligations and cultural expectations throughout their wedding preparations. (IMDB)