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The Search For Weng Weng

The bizarre history of Filipino B-films, as told through filmmaker Andrew Leavold’s personal quest to find the truth behind its midget James Bond superstar Weng Weng. (IMDB)

The Art Of Regret

Choices about how to regard history, reality, and material culture confront everyone in contemporary China.

In this digital age, the old can be made young again, and anyone can be more beautiful. In department stores at computerised portrait stalls, people enjoy being transformed into film stars or mythological characters. But they also value old photos of the city before it was changed, and a photograph might represent the only glimpse they will ever know of it.

Temple Of Dreams

Fadi Rahman is one of a new breed of Australian Muslim leaders. Young, charismatic and politically ambitious, he runs a youth centre/gymnasium in Sydney’s west in what was once a Masonic Temple. The Centre struggles in the face of council planning regulations and funding shortfalls. Fadi sets out to solve all their problems with the help of three determined but often argumentative young women – Alyah, Amna and Zouhour. (Ronin Films,


Ethnographic documentary. The coeducational Rishi Valley School in Andhra Pradesh was founded on the educational principles espoused by Jiddu Krishnamurti, who stressed the importance of observing the world around us more calmly and simply, as if with fresh eyes. (Ronin Films,

Papa Bilong Chimbu

Father John Nilles, arrived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in 1937 and for the next 54 years, living with the people of Chimbu, learning their language and way of life, introducing them to his God and Western culture. Through Nilles an extraordinary archive of photos, diaries and letters as well as interviews with those who knew him, filmmaker Verena Thomas pieces together a portrait of this fascinating man, her great-uncle (Ronin Films,

Muslims In Australia

The film covers the following topics: Level of knowledge on Islam and Muslims, Early Indonesian contact, The Afghan cameleers, First Mosques in Australia, Islam and Aboriginals, Muslims of Today, Islam and new Muslims, The Hijab issue, Halal economic impact, Uniting against Racism, and more. (Ronin Films,

Across The Plateau

This is the extraordinary story of seven retired Chinese men and women who embark on a 3,100 kilometer cycling journey from Lanzhou, a smoggy industrial city in northwest China, across the Tibetan plateau to Everest Base Camp. (Ronin Films,

A Sense Of Place

In this documentary, we meet four Australian Vietnamese people: Dominic Golding, a playwright; Sister Hue Can, a Buddhist Nun; Alistair Trung, a fashion designer; and Margaret Nguyen, a student. Through candid interviews interlaced with dramatic archival footage, the stories of these four very different personalities illuminate the pathway for us all towards achieving a sense of place. (Ronin Films,

Veiled Ambition

Frida is a young Australian-Lebanese woman with a thick Aussie accent and a dream of creating her own fashion empire. When she wins $4000 in a radio competition, Frida opens a shop in Sydney Road Coburg, hoping to create a fashion Mecca for Islamic women. But business in burkas is slow. (Ronin Films,

Silma's School

An Anglo-Australian convert to Islam, Silma and her husband Baheej re-mortgage their home to establish Noor Al Houda, a Muslim school in the Sydney suburbs. Their dream is to educate a generation confident in an identity both Australian and Muslim. But the dream turns sour when they discover the land they have leased is contaminated. Embroiled in a bitter legal battle, the school owes $2 million and faces bankruptcy… (Ronin Films,