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Fiji And The Fijians

Scenes of a trip by boat to Fiji by Pastor A.G. Stewart and family, via Auckland. “Calling at Auckland and arriving at Suva.” Pastor Stewart attends a “Bose” (council) meeting on Nukulau Island, visits “Students from advanced and intermediate schools who give a display” for the Pastor, who then passes on “a ‘Kani Loloma’ (gift) to help the young students.” Scenes of the farewell and the return trip. (NFSA,

Chinese In Victoria

A Visual Education film (NFSA,

Cannibals And Christians Of The South Seas

Missionaries leaving Sydney on the “S.S. Montoro” and arriving at Vilirupu Station, unloading the ship, a village, providing medical treatment for local people, men smoking a pipe or “baubau” and boarding the ketch “Veimauri” in Port Moresby to travel 220 miles westwards to Vailalo Station. (NFSA,

Pearls And Savages (aka With The Headhunters In Papua Or Headhunters Of Unknown Papua)

Ethnographic film which records the lifestyle, customs, ceremonies and reactions to the first white explorers of the Indigenous people of Papua and the Torres Strait Islands. Scenes include men, women and children working and playing in villages; ceremonial dances; craftwork; fishing and hunting. Sea planes, canoes, out-riggers and ships, including the `Eureka', are shown as well as some of the flora and fauna of the region. (NFSA,

Seeing China As It Is By The Y.w.c.a.

A documentary about the Y.W.C.A. mission to women in Hong Kong and China c.1919. Discusses attitudes to women and women’s lives in China and Hong Kong. (NFSA,