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Saving Xavier

This fascinating documentary is an unusual blend of medical science providing much clinical detail on Xavier's health problems as well as finely observed film of how a Papua New Guinean village deals with this crisis in the life of one of its important members. (Ronin Films,

Outsourced (aka 1-800-india)

Outsourcing is the new frontier of globalisation, pitting call-centre workers around the world against each other in the battle for jobs. ‘Outsourced!’ explores the experiences of young women who work in call centres in India and Australia. It’s a defining moment for both countries, providing exciting career opportunities for Indian workers and uncertain futures for their Australian counterparts. (NFSA,

Koriam's Law (and The Dead Who Govern)

Koriam’s Law is an award-winning documentary about a culture’s need to control the ideas that define it. This award-winning documentary by one of the key figures in international ethnographic film, focusses specifically on the rites and understandings of a popular religious and social movement in Papua New Guinea. The Pomio Kivung movement was founded in 1964 by the late Michael Koriam Urekit, in the beautiful Jacquinot Bay area of PNG’s East New Britain province.

Kotla Walks - Performing Locality

The film tracks the imagination of the unofficial city forever in the process of breaking the topographic skin of the ‘ official’ city of the Master Plan. It explores the ways in which the texture of urban spaces is woven into ideas of belonging, intimacy, friendship, ambition, and the desire to be ‘ here’ but also somewhere else. (Ronin Films,

Habibi Jammin'

HABIBI JAMMIN' looks behind the headlines and into the lives of four young people from the Arabic community in the troubled western Sydney suburb of Bankstown. Nomise, Julie, Susan and Matuse are the most talented and articulate participants in the ‘Jammin’ in the Middle E' drama project, which promises to produce a television drama based on stories from their lives. The story follows them through the production stages of this unique drama process and explores the tricky topic of Arab/Australian representation. (NFSA,

Feet Unbound

A Beijing journalist retraces the footsteps of China’s female soldiers of The Long March and encounters untold stories of courage and hope in the face of extreme deprivation and brutality. This is the untold story of the Chinese Red Army’s teenage female soldiers of The Long March – a massive military retreat of over 200,000 troops on foot over 12,500 kilometres that lasted from 1934 to 1937. (NFSA,

Fair Dinkum Manjit

Manjit, a 49-year-old Indian-Australian cab driver, is so proud of being an Aussie that he has composed a music album, singing of his love for Australia and its people. After selling over two thousand copies of his homemade CD to his cab customers and attracting considerable attention in his hometown of Brisbane, this singing cabbie is now planning to film a Bollywood video-clip for his most popular song ‘Song Australia’. (NFSA,

Donkey In Lahore

Donkey in Lahore tells the real life tale of Brian, an Australian Goth whose skills as a puppeteer takes him on a journey that transcends borders, religion and love. While visiting Lahore in Pakistan to perform at a puppet festival, Brian meets Amber, 17. Ten years Brian’s junior, Amber doesn’t seem a likely match for this tear-away Goth. She’s a devout Muslim and still lives at home with her tight-knit family. Yet in a whirlwind two-week romance during which the pair are never alone together, they fall in love. (Internet Movie Database

Battle Of Long Tan

In the gathering dusk of 18 August 1966, 108 young, inexperienced Australian and NZ soldiers are separated and surrounded, fighting for their lives, holding off an overwhelming force of 2,500 battle-hardened Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers. And, in the pouring rain, amid the mud and shattered trees of a rubber plantation called Long Tan, with their ammunition running out and another Vietnamese battalion massing for the final assault, the digger’s situation seemed hopeless. (Internet Movie Database

Wedding Sari Showdown

The Wedding Sari Showdown follows 2 young lovers, Ramona and Anu, as they struggle to maintain their relationship and their independence against the every-increasing pressure of family obligations and cultural expectations throughout their wedding preparations. (Internet Movie Database