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Vietnam Symphony

In 1965, as the Vietnam War intensified and Hanoi faced the threat of massive US bombing, students and teachers from the National Conservatory of Music were forced to flee the city for the relative safety of a small village in the countryside…The documentary interviews members of the orchestra in contemporary Hanoi, and follows their preparation for a return to the village and a reunion concert. (Screen Australia,

Vietnam Nurses

The untold story of six young Australian Army nurses who served at the only Australian-run field hospital in the Vietnam War. Interviewed in the film are: Colleen Thurgar, Diane Badcock, Ann Healey, Jan McCarthy, Terrie Ross, Maggie Hopcraft, and Barry Morgan. The documentary premiered on SBS tv, at 8:30pm, on Thursday 1 September, 2005, as part of the station’s ‘Storyline Australia’ series. (NFSA,

Super Flu: Race Against A Killer

Super Flu : Race Against a Killer investigates the race to combat what is arguably the most deadly threat to humanity today: the avian flu virus known as HSN1 (NFSA,

Some Alien Creatures

In this film about a progressive co-educational boarding school in South India, young boys and girls jokingly accuse each other of being like “alien creatures.” In exploring this divide the filmmaker, David MacDougall, examines the lives of three boys at the school: Ashutosh, aged 10, Anjney, aged 12, and Deepak, aged 14. (Ronin Films,

Operation Babylift

An emotionally powerful documentary telling the stories of three Vietnamese-Australians who were among 3000 babies airlifted from Saigon orphanages at the end of the Vietnam War. (NFSA,

Landmines - A Love Story

Every 22 minutes, a civilian in Cambodia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Bosnia, Angola, El Salvador or elsewhere is killed or injured by a land mine…In the ruined city of Kabul, during the time of Taliban rule, a former Mujaheddin soldier noticed a pretty Tagik girl with one leg, and he began to court her. This was the beginning of an unlikely love story. Part essay and part observational, this is an anti-war film set in a country that has become synonymous with warfare. (NFSA,

Kidnapped! (aka Yukai!)

The extraordinary story of a group of Japanese citizens who were abducted by North Korean spies in the 1970s and 1980s and the subsequent struggle of their families to have their loved ones returned. (Ronin Films,

Iraq, My Country: An Exile's Return To Samawa

Hadi Mahood has been living in Melbourne, having fled Iraq in the first Iraq war, a refugee from Samawa in Iraq Shiite south. Watching the news broadcasts in Australia about the war in his country, he has many unanswered questions about the war and decides to return to the city of his birth,filming his journey and the many encounters he has along the way. (Ronin Films,

I Remember 1948

Speaking in Arabic and English, Soliman Al-Halawani, Dr. Mahmoud Hourani, Fouad Charida, Dib El Chami and Rafica El Chami Batach tell of their life in Palestine before 1948 and give eye-witness accounts of the tumultuous days of ‘Al Nakba’ (the catastrophe), May 15th, and its aftermath. As children and young adults, they and their families were among 750,000 Palestinians fleeing for their lives, as Zionist terror gangs began seizing villages to enlarge the recently created State of Israel. (Ronin Films,

Betelnut Bisnis : A Story From Papua New Guinea

Documentary set in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea about a family of landless settlers who eke out a living by trading in betelnut, one of the world’s most widely used narcotics. The family, Lukas Kaima and his wife Kopu, lives on a small infertile plot on the outskirts of Goroka town by arrangement with traditional owners. The film follows Lukas and Kopu as they try to make a success of their business travelling to and from the coast on the betelnut trail. (NFSA,