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All Points Of The Compass

This is the story of one Vietnamese family. For Charles Tran Van Lam, his love of democracy would turn into a poisonous cocktail that shattered his life. Forty years later this is the story of his nine children, flung to all points of the compass. This contemporary story is about the cost of conflict, reality of exile, loss of homeland, culture and the closeness of family, told through the eyes of the children in their various and culturally diverse locations. (NFSA,

Punjabi Love Story

An Australian woman, Jocelyn Ortt-Saeed, lives with her husband Saeed in their home of many years in the Husain Sugar Mill, in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Two young people, Nawaz the cook and Mehnaz the maid, look after the house, and live nearby. Filmed over 18 months, this observational documentary captures the lives and loves of this household. (NFSA,

Punished Not Protected

The participants of PUNISHED NOT PROTECTED are open in their criticisms of current government policy and the lack of momentum to move on an alternate, more just and humane policy. These citizens suggest that current policy contravenes human rights conventions and they make clear Australia’s responsibilities in relation to international law and asylum seekers.They challenge all Australians who ignore what is happening…(Ronin Films,

Over The Fence

Episode 1: CANTERBURY. Episode 2: MERRYLANDS. Ep 3. LIVERPOOL. Ep 4: MARIBYRNONG. A tale of many cultures and two gardens. Ep1: Sydney’s Riverwood Public Housing Estate has 2000 apartments and more than one third of the residents come from non-English speaking backgrounds. Ep3: The saffron-robed Khmer Krom Monks are hoping to contribute to Liverpool’s growth by building a large temple with gold and silver burial towers and meditation rooms that will attract worshippers and tourists. (Ronin Films,

Letters To Ali

Documentary examining the situation facing Ali (not his real name), a 15-year-old Afghan boy held for over two and a half years in an Australian immigration detention centre, and the protracted struggle by a Melbourne family to secure his release. (NFSA,

Fahimeh's Story

Fahimeh’s Story is an observational documentary about a vivacious 47 year old Iranian woman who migrated with her children to Australia after fleeing an unhappy, arranged marriage to a husband who she could not divorce under Iranian law. Five years on she has fallen in love with and married John, a 77 year old Australian ex-army officer and RSL member. (Ronin Films,

Dying To Leave

EPISODE 1: HUMAN CARGO – HUMAN CARGO examines the dramatic increase in illegal smuggling of people, usually involving the voluntary passage of those in search of better economic or social conditions…EPISODE 2: SLAVES OF THE FREE MARKET – SLAVES OF THE FREE MARKET explores human trafficking – smuggling activity that includes a new find of indentured servitude where impossible debt is combined with brutal working conditions. (Ronin Films,

Cuc Lam's Suitcase

Cuc Lam’s Suitcase is an episode of the series National Treasures produced in 2004. If you were forced to leave your home forever, what would you take with you? Vietnamese refugee Cuc Lam took family photos and jewellery but sacrificed one precious possession to buy a suitcase, now in Melbourne’s Immigration Museum. Cuc Lam talks to Warren Brown about her journey to Australia and how this small red vinyl bag was a symbol of a new beginning in a new country. (Screen Australia,

Bougainville Sky

On war-torn Bougainville Island, a young Australian songwriter found himself working for the world’s first ever unarmed international peace keeping operation. This film tells the story of how he worked with music and humour to help the people of Bougainville find the courage to untangle themselves from the web of a bitter civil war. (Ronin Films,

The Healing Of Bali

Taking a Balinese perspective, this documentary tells stories of recovery from volunteers and those badly burnt since the night club bombings in Bali on 7 October 2003 when Balinese and Australian lives were lost. Balinese responses to the event and healing reflect a range of religious beliefs, Hindu, Muslim and Christian. (NFSA,