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Molly & Mobarak

MOLLY & MOBARAK takes you behind the headlines and hot debates to Young in rural NSW where ordinary Australians share their community with 90 Afghan refugees working at the local abattoir. Against a backdrop of occasional ignorance and hostility, these everyday Australians still believe in ‘the lucky country’: people like Tony Hewson who recruits the refugees, Anne Bell who organises English classes and social activities, and Lyn Rule who offers them hospitality in her own home. (Ronin Films,

Fearless - Stories Of Asian Women

Fearless - Stories from Asian Women examines the experiences of four women fighting for justice. Each is from a different culture and has her own fascinating story. All are united by their refusal to remain silent and accepting. These courageous and committed women are prepared to risk everything in pursuit of human rights. This compelling series examines the issues that incite them to action, their personal motivations and their hopes for the future. (Screen Australia,

Children Of Tibet

Follows the journey of three young Tibetan refugees who escape by foot across the Tibetan terrain and over the Himalayas in winter. Told in their own words, it is a story of courage and hope, set against the backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains. The journey takes them along a dangerous route – leaving their families behind, they are placed in the care of guides who are entrusted to take them across the mountains. (Ronin Films,

The Asian Turtle Crisis

The Asian Turtle Crisis highlights the escalating trade in turtles throughout Asia. With rare turtles fetching up to $US2000 per kilogram, the Chinese turtle industry is booming. Experts are desperately trying to reverse this tide before it’s too late for the eighty or ninety species of turtle currently facing extinction. (NFSA,

Robert Fortune The Tea Thief

By the middle of the 19th century, the West had become totally enchanted with a heady new brew: tea. But, China held the monopoly on its trade and manufacture, which it fiercely guarded for more than 5000 years. The British Empire sought to change that, by mounting one of the most audacious espionage missions the world had ever seen: to steal the secret of tea from Imperial China. The man they entrusted with this mission was Robert Fortune, a 36 year old Scottish botanist. (NFSA,

In Limbo

Documentary focusing on the work of Hoi Trinh, a Vietnamese-Australian lawyer, who abandoned a promising legal career to fight for the rights of 2000 Vietnamese refugees stranded in the Philippines since 1989. Working from Manila, we follow Hoi Trinh’s negotiations with the Minister for Immigration, Phillip Ruddock, and his Department as he attempts to resettle families in Australia. (NFSA,


A group of young Australian adults travel to the Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea where they will be living with the Koiari people, in their villages, on the Kokoda Track. Echo Land illustrates the impact that their presence has on this community where conflicting agendas have clearly surfaced. How will the Koiari resolve their unfinished business with Australia in this post-colonial era? (NFSA,

Diverted To Delhi

Indians working in Delhi call centres are taught to speak and think like their American, British and Australian customers. This documentary focuses on the training of college graduates in India, who are recruited to work in call centres. It highlights the high level of cross-cultural training necessary before new employees can converse with foreign customers. (NFSA,

Chinese Take Away

Performer/writer, Anna Yen, in seeking to understand a family tragedy, unravels stories about her grandmother, her mother and herself. The film moves from China in the early 1900s, through Hong Kong in the 30s, suburban Sydney in the 60s, and into the present day. CHINESE TAKE AWAY tells a deeply personal story about strength, loss and transformation that resonates universally. (Ronin Films,

Beyond The Royal Veil

Only two generations ago, India was divided into hundreds of feudal kingdoms each ruled by its own extraordinarily powerful royal family. But their lives changed dramatically when India became an independent democracy. Many of the ancient palaces were sold and today much of India’s royal history is in a tragic state of disrepair. BEYOND THE ROYAL VEIL takes us on a surprising often humorous journey behind the lavish facade of Indian aristocracy… (Australian Screen,