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A Wedding In Ramallah

The story follows a marriage between an American-based Palestinian man (Bassam Abed) and a young woman (Mariam), with a traditional village upbringing. Bassam works as a telephone repairman in Cleveland, Ohio, and returns to the West Bank town of Ramallah to find a wife. The film subsequently follows their desperate attempts to secure a visa to America for Mariam, and her resulting life in Cleveland, languishing in an apartment with no friends or support. (Ronin Films,

The Brides Of Khan

Alan Khan migrated to Australia from Bangladesh in the seventies. He came to get a pilot’s license and stayed to become the king of Sydney’s wedding photographers. “In Alan’s waiting rooms, I met many young couples planning their weddings – Macedonian, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Croatian, Chinese, Sri Lankan and Indian. Some were marrying people outside their cultural milieus and some were marrying within traditional boundaries. Produced for the SBS Hybrid Life series. (Ronin Films,

Starting From Zero

This documentary profiles the return home of three exiles to an independent East Timor. Ines Almeida, Lola Reis and Jacinto Tinocu were made exiles in their youth when Indonesia invaded East Timor. The scenes of national reconstruction are the context in which Ines, Lola and Jacinto reconstruct their own identities as ‘returnees’ after 24 years abroad. (NFSA,

Shadow Play : Indonesia's Year Of Living Dangerously

Shadow Play is a full and frank account of the slaughter of more than 500,000 people in Indonesia, and the period of history that triggered it, as Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno, was swept from power and General Suharto took over for the next 32 years. (NFSA,

Saltwater Bluesman : Uncle Kiddo Taylor (aka Everyday Brave : Saltwater Bluesman)

Uncle Kiddo plays a chromatic harp. He’s one of the fathers of the “Broome Sound”. His life story reflects the wild side of this West Australian town, the hard and dangerous work in the pearling industry, the history of exploitation and segregation but also the strong sense of community. His music reflects Broome’s unique cultural mix of Aboriginals, Japanese, Malays, Philipino, Indonesians, Chinese and Europeans. (NFSA,

Rushing To Sunshine

A personal essay film that looks at South Korea’s uncomfortable but growing acceptance of North Korea over a two year period. Hoaas gains unprecedented access to former political prisoners, student dissidents and others affected by a Government caught between its new open door ‘Sunshine Policy’ and the remnants of a cold war anti-Communist mindset. (Ronin Films,

One Day In Fatulai

Doco about East Timor. “In one day in Fatulai Dr Livermore travels to the remote village of Fatulai to conduct a general medical and TB clinic…While showing us the daily medical work of a volunteer doctor in East Timor one day in Fatulai also provides insight into daily life for many East Timorese, especially their health and education.” (Ronin Films,

My Mother India (aka Gori Girl)

The director traces her family history from the time when her mother left Australia to start a family in India with her Indian husband, until the family begins to break apart under the personal and political pressures of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984. (NFSA,

Hybrid Life (4 Parts: The Brides Of Khan, Dear Bert, Delivery Day, Sparky D Comes To Town)

A series of programs which examine the lives of the children and the grandchildren of Australian migrants. (Ronin Films,


DIYA examines the lively social life surrounding one object, a small terra cotta oil lamp called a “diya” used in India in religious ceremonies. It is central to the Hindu festival of Diwali, “the festival of lights” and the film begins in the increasingly frantic days before this major celebration. (Ronin Films,