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Since The Company Came: A Story From The Rainforests Of The Solomon Islands

A Solomon Islands community struggles with some unexpected consequences of a logging operation. The men of Rendova Island embrace the chance to be part of the modern economy; but the women are concerned for the forests and traditions that sustain their families. As Rendova’s forest rapidly disappears, the loggers set their sights on a deserted island held sacred by the villagers. (Ronin Films,

My Journey, My Islam

A documentary about a woman’s journey through her past and present in search of her relationship with her faith. Kay charts the life of her mother in India from the time of Independence, and the changing attitudes towards women, the workplace and family. She explores the minds and beliefs of Muslim women living in Australia. (NFSA,

Kula: Ring Of Power

Documentary about epic ocean voyages made by Pacific Islanders in search of partners with whom to share shell ornaments, a practice known as KULA. Today, Kula men continue this ancient exchange, using magic to influence the minds of their Kula partners and to control the movement of shell ornaments around a chain of islands, east of mainland Papua New Guinea, called the Kula Ring. (NFSA,

Doon School Quintet (aka Doon School Chronicles)

Explores the ‘social aesthetics’ and ideology of the school through its rituals, the physical environment it has created, and its effects upon several boys of different ages and temperaments. It is divided into ten ‘chapters,’ each headed by a text taken from school documents. (Ronin Films,

Bridewealth For A Goddess

The Kawelka people live on tribal land near Mount Hagen in the Wahgi Valley, in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. This film by Chris Owen, an Australian residing permanently in PNG, and one of PNG’s leading filmmakers, is a remarkable record of a ritual that took years to prepare and may never be performed again.At the centre of the film is Ru Kundil, a “Big Man” among the Kawelka people… (Ronin Films,

To Get Rich Is Glorious

A Hong Kong Chinese with a need to succeed and a Jewish New Yorker with global know-how are scrutinized by Chinese officialdom as they try to find the perfect run-down-state- owned enterprises to invest in. (NFSA,

Taking Charge Of Cabramatta

The Vietnamese-Chinese New Year celebration is about to start in Cabramatta. Markus Lambert, Community Relations Officer, with the local Council saw the opportunity as a great PR event for the town, which is known as the ‘Heroin Capital’ of Australia and also for the murder of high profile local politician John Newman. (NFSA,

Scenes From An Occupation

SCENES FROM AN OCCUPATION is filmed from the point of view of the East Timorese who were directly affected by the events unfolding rapidly around them. The footage includes eyewitness accounts of the role the Indonesian military played in a systematic campaign of destruction, murder and terror. (Ronin Films,


Award-winning photographer William Yang explores issues of grief, family and identity in this adaptation of his acclaimed stage performance, Sadness. Sadness is a mesmerising, poetic montage of storytelling, photography and stylised re-enactment, which brings to life the stories of William Yang’s family and friends.(NFSA,