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Romeo & Juliet

Anime series post-produced in Australia


  1. A country in crisis. A new man in power. Leadership demands and personal demons are set to collide. (Internet Movie Database


Changi follows the story of six young Australian mates who go to war. They land in Singapore in 1942, just in time for the surrender. They are marched off to Changi prison camp along with 15,000 others. Together, the six boys struggle to survive three and a half years of incarceration. (Internet Movie Database

The Violent Earth

Made for Channel Nine, to be shown as three episodes of a series or as 3 separate telemovies. Portrays three generations of a family living in New Caledonia, from the year 1888 to 1967. Co-production between Crawfords Australia and a French company, Gaumont Television. Has French, Australian, New Zealand, and New Caledonian cast. (NFSA,

The Long Ride

Nine year old Tom is introduced to some of the tough,complicated facts of life during a long taxi ride with his mother and sister.


Series 1 : 12 x 60 minute episodes Series 2 : 26 x 60 minute episodes Series 3 : 13 x 60 minute episodes Drama series set in a fictitious Islamic South-East Asian country named Ragaan. Centres around the lives of the embassy staff.

Bangkok Hilton

6 hour mini-series. A young woman goes in search of the father she has never known. Her search takes her from Australia to England and then on to Bangkok. There she meets up with a charming young man, Arkie Regan, who plants drugs in her luggage and leaves her to her fate when the authorities find them during a routine search at the airport. Following her imprisonment in the notorious Bangkok Hilton prison she awaits the decision of the authorities on whether she should face the death penalty. (NFSA,

Emma: Queen Of The South Seas

Historical drama based on the true story of Emma Eliza Coe, an American-Samoan woman who set up a huge trading empire in the South Pacific in the 1800s. Four x 60 minute mini series. Produced by Anthony I Ginnane. (NFSA,

A Dangerous Life

The story of the fall of the Marcos regime in the Philippines. (AFC) “has an Australian scriptwriter (David Williamson), an American director (Richard Markowitz), a mixture of Flipino, American and Australian lead actors, and an Australian and Filipino crew”. (Dermody and Jacka. Imaginary Industry. AFTRS, 1988. 56.)