The Long Ride

Nine year old Tom is introduced to some of the tough,complicated facts of life during a long taxi ride with his mother and sister.

The Lost Thing

A boy finds a strange creature on a beach, and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to. Animated short film based on the book by Shaun Tan. (Internet Movie Database

Roses Are Dead

Horror. Three young women find this Valentine’s Day that roses are dead when a stranger sells them black roses. (Internet Movie Database

Red Earth

Red Earth is about a management consultant played by Daniel Wu who goes to Hong Kong to meet a girl briefly encountered before, he checks in a hotel to wait for her to show him an unforgettable view of sunset that she promised him. But he can no longer remember her face and strange things happen that change him and billions people’s lives. Almost the entire film is shot in the hotel.

Mooncake And Crab

On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival Chinese-born Crystal prepares a traditional meal of mooncake and crab for her new Anglo-Australian family. What no-one around her realizes is that Crystal has recently said goodbye to her lover, a Chinese artist, and she is pregnant with his child. As she prepares the meal with her visiting father, news comes that the plane her lover was traveling on has crashed…(Internet Movie Database

I Am Home

Created by Jason Chan, who grew up in Western Australia, this film was entered into a 90-second film competition in Singapore, where it was voted the people’s choice runner up. It nicely captures some of the conflicts of being Asian in Australia.

The Probationer

Action/martial arts. A young woman who needs to earn extra money to help a family member takes on a job as a security guard. While still on probation she is assigned a job that tests her abilities without her knowing. (SB)

Phong Nguyen Showreel

Martial arts documentation. Showcase of Phong Nguyen and students demonstrating a range of martial arts styles, including Vo Vi Nam, Judo, and Mixed Martial Arts. Shot in various locations.

Home Of Strangers

Action/martial arts. “Home of Strangers is the action-packed story of three individuals whose unique paths cross unexpectedly, and who are lead on a journey to resolve their own personal conflicts and learn about the importance of relationship” (from website)

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

Comedy. “Famous Footscray director, David Vo, sets out to make the grandest Romeo and Juliet the West has ever seen, using Open Family clients and camera equipment. The production becomes more dramatic than anything Shakespeare could have intended. Romeo gets locked up, Juliet is expecting a baby, and someone has nicked the camera” (Nice Shorts,